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In the world of artistry, there lived a legendary figure named Arthur Edwards. Their love for art and wisdom inspired countless artists, who gathered in their studio. With nurturing guidance, Arthur Edwards kindled creative sparks, empowering emerging talents to embark on fearless artistic journeys. Their legacy reminds us that true passion holds the key to boundless artistic expression, forever enchanting our hearts and guiding us on our creative quests.


Today, the enduring spirit of Arthur Edwards is embodied in this Lemon Studio. Within its walls, a vibrant community grows, embracing creativity and inspiration. Guided by the wisdom of Arthur Edwards, artists can discover their true potential, crafting remarkable works of art that echo their timeless legacy. The essence of Arthur Edwards’ passion permeates every corner of Lemon Studio, creating an atmosphere where artistic dreams bloom and artistic voices find their resonance.


Hello, I am Colby "RUTH EDWARDS", a lifelong photography enthusiast who discovered the magic of capturing moments at a young age. Growing up amidst the breathtaking landscapes of Maine, particularly in Acadia National Park, I fell in love with the art of photography. To me, photography is the art of capturing light, and I believe that it is the interplay of light, shadows, and color that brings depth and soul to each image. With a deep passion for pushing the boundaries of light and colors, I strive to create visuals that transcend the ordinary and evoke emotions in the viewer.

After pursuing a degree in Business Administration with a focus in Marketing from the University of Maine, I decided to follow my true passion and establish an art studio in the vibrant city of Fort Worth, Texas. From this creative hub, I embark on a journey of visual storytelling, capturing heartfelt portraits and intricate still lifes that celebrate the beauty of everyday objects. I believe that light is the language of photography, and by skillfully manipulating and harnessing light, I aim to create images that are vibrant, dynamic, and filled with life.

While Fort Worth is my current home, my love for travel fuels my creativity. Exploring new cities and landscapes, I seek inspiration from the diverse beauty our world has to offer. Photography, to me, is a never-ending pursuit of capturing the essence of a moment and telling a compelling story through vibrant visuals. Whether you are creating a visual campaign, planning a wedding, seeking to preserve cherished memories, or simply looking to be captivated by the art of photography, I would be honored to join you on this creative journey, pushing the boundaries of light and colors to capture moments that will forever hold a special place in history.

Colby Kohn

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We're thrilled to welcome new clients who share our creative passion. Whether you're an individual, startup, or established business, join us on a collaborative journey. Our dedicated team delivers innovative pieces that exceed expectations. Let's embark on a remarkable creative adventure together. We look forward to creating with you!

Adam Grotton


I am Adam Grotton, a visual storyteller who discovered my love for the camera through the enchanting world of cinema. Growing up, I was motivated by the way movies told stories in unique, visually captivating ways . This fascination led me to pursue a degree in video production at Husson University in Bangor, Maine, where I learned the technical aspects of capturing captivating visuals and crafting narratives.

Driven by my passion for creating art, I recently relocated to Fort Worth, Texas, to establish my own art studio and fully dedicate myself to the art of photography. With my camera as my creative tool, I am committed to capturing moments that tell compelling stories, evoke emotions, and ignite the imagination. Whether it's documenting a wedding, capturing the essence of a portrait subject, or exploring the intricate details of the world around us, I strive to create images that resonate with viewers and leave a lasting impression.

Beyond my love for photography, I have a deep passion for traveling and embarking on road trips to national parks. These journeys fuel my creativity and provide me with endless inspiration. From the majestic landscapes of Yosemite to the serene beauty of Acadia, I find solace and awe in the wonders of nature. My experiences on the road, coupled with my camera in hand, allow me to capture the essence of these breathtaking locations and share their magic with the world.

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